7. Submission of Thesis and Application for Graduation

Students shall submit their thesis electronically as one of the requirements toward the fulfillment of their degree. If the thesis and the necessary forms are not submitted to the FGS and the AU DTheses repository within the identified approved time limits (maximum three months after the oral examination), the student may not be considered for graduation, since they have not completed all the requirements for the degree.

 There are a number of steps to submit the thesis in order for the student to graduate. The Electronic Submission of Theses and Dissertations Policy and Procedures provide direction for the student and their supervisor on the discussions they need to hold prior to the final submission as well as the process for the submission.

After the student has inserted the “Final Approval of Thesis” form provided to them by FGS, they must save their thesis as a pdf and then submit the thesis into the DTheses repository. FGS will review the thesis for adequate copyright adherence and compliance with FGS and LAC format requirements. If the thesis does not comply with the requirements, the thesis will be returned to the student with an email to the supervisor, informing them of the required changes. The student will not be able to graduate until the format requirements and copyright compliance have been met and correctly submitted by the student.

After FGS approves the thesis, FGS will conduct the final submission into the DTheses repository. The Registrar’s office will be automatically electronically notified of the submission, confirming that the student has now fulfilled all of the requirements of the degree.

FGS will notify the student that the thesis has been approved and electronic submission has been completed.

The student is now eligible to graduate and can then apply for graduation. Refer to the procedures located at http://registrar.athabascau.ca/graduation/.