Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty and Students

The supervision of graduate students is part of the mandate of AU. The purpose of the documents below is to clarify expectations and responsibilities of the supervisor and the student. The work performed by graduate students forms a vital part of a university’s research agenda. When students enter a graduate program, they commit time and energy to a thesis or dissertation that will make a substantial and original contribution to knowledge. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to advise and mentor the student in the development of his or her research and intellectual growth. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the student to conform to university policies and program requirements, and to fulfill certain responsibilities when engaging in a supervisor-student relationship.

While many models of supervision exist across disciplines and graduate programs, the guidelines, roles, and responsibilities of the supervisor and student are provided to clarify expectations in order to reduce conflict and facilitate the thesis/dissertation process. It is the role of the Faculty of Graduate Studies to provide policies and guidelines that help to ensure a minimum standard of excellence in graduate education and promote a fair set of expectations across all programs.

Note: For information specific to the Doctoral in Business Administration program, go here.