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We have:

  • the first online doctoral education program that specializes in Distance Education in North America
  • The world's first online MBA for executives program, celebrating 25 years of excellence. The program helps you develop the comprehensive advanced management skills you need for success in any sector—without putting the rest of your life on hold.

Faculty of Graduate Studies

The primary purpose of the Faculty of Graduate Studies is to define and support excellence in graduate education and the research and scholarly activities associated with it.

To meet this purpose, the Faculty of Graduate Studies works with the academic units to create policies that define good practice in all graduate programs, achieve high quality curriculum, and promote intellectual communication between graduate students and faculty.

This website provides: guidelines and policies that maintain equitable standards across all academic disciplines; resources for faculty members on the nature of graduate education and supervision; and information on opportunities for students to participate in professional and educational development activities outside of their program of study.

Welcome Message from the Vice Dean, Operations

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies! As a graduate student you are a part of our Athabasca University community, both within the faculty of your program of study and within our faculty. We are here to enable a community of successful graduate students, and we provide access to information and resources throughout the completion of your degree.

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