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Athabasca University

Twelfth Annual Grounded Theory Jamboree

Wednesday August 2 to Friday August 4, 2017
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This year’s Grounded Theory Jamboree will provide you with a 3-day Grounded Theory (GT) consultation on your research. The agenda for the Jamboree is based in part you, the researcher participant input and on feedback from GT researchers and consultations from the past 11 Jamborees and GT consultation experience. This keeps topics practical ad relevant to your GT research.
You will have the opportunity to learn and do GT collaboratively. The Jamboree will further your understanding of GT; as methodology, as product, and its applications to generate relevant theory. You will enhance your ability to conceptualize and generate theory, moving beyond description and forcing to generate a relevant and meaningful grounded theory from your data. You will also learn how Grounded Theory informs the naming of your grounded theory and its write up. And how to recognize and demonstrate when you are done your grounded theory.

Facilitator Paul Wishart, PhD, MA
Grounded Theory research consultant
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary
Contact me if you would like to register, for more info or if you have questions, by:
Email:, or
Phone: (403) 208-3431
Workshop location: 1611 St. Andrews Place, NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Examples of topics to explore and inform your research:

  1. Why use Grounded Theory; what it’s good for (and not so good for)
  2. Getting started (Dealing with the Literature(reviews, research questions, interview guides, versions of Grounded Theory, …)
  3. Benefits of discovering your core variable and main concern from the data
  4. Identifying and resolving core confusion
  5. Naming patterns and basic-social-psychological processes
  6. Demonstrating that your gt is grounded and done
  7. Writing up your grounded theory.

Participant benefits
Sharing your work and receiving feedback on your GT in a supportive, collaborative space.
Conversations with experienced Grounded Theorists and mentors
Excellent opportunities for GT networking support and collaboration

Who benefits from attending?

  1. Researchers stuck in their research process
  2. Researchers considering using GT
  3. Clinicians and Supervisors involved in inductive research or supervision.

Maximum number of participant’s  12
Fee: Students $350 (CDN)
Faculty, Researchers and Clinicians $550 (CDN)

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