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How to get a PhD while working?

In this talk, Dr. Geng will give his own story for pursuing his Ph.D. degree while working full-time.  From the motivation for beginning his journey to the four stages of the entire process: taking courses, doing literature reviews,  finding a research topic,  writing and defending a thesis.  Dr. Geng will describe the strategies he used and emphasize on the time management, i.e., how to spend  time effectively in order to move the ball forward.  In addition, he will touch on literature reviews and finding a research topic.

Hongxing  Geng defended his Ph.D. dissertation on April 4, 2017, and will receive  his degree from University of Saskatchewan in the fall convocation on  October 28, 2017. His research focuses on the theory and practice of  interactions in concurrent systems. He is also a Senior  Systems/Programmer Analyst for Library & Scholarly Resources at  Athabasca University. Previously he obtained his MSc in Computer Science in 2007 from University of Saskatchewan.

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