Dana Beresh

The National Student Paper Competition

Congratulations to Dana Beresh and Bertrand Sodjahin who represented AU, going on to compete in the National Student Paper Competition.

Dana Beresh's (MAIS Program) paper titled: A GROUNDED THEORY RESEARCH PROJECT: FEMALE LEADERS’ IDENTITY DEVELOPMENT was selected as the first place paper and Bertrand Sodjahin (MScIS Program) was selected as runner up with his paper titled:"Probabilistic Graphs to Model Pseudomonas aeruginosa Survival Mechanism and Infer Low Nutrient Water Response Gene"

Thanks for representing AU Dana and Bertrand!

Karen Lara

International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM) Dissertation Award

Congratulations to the master's level award recipient, Karen Lara, who has completed her Master of Counselling - Counselling Psychology at Athabasca University. Her biography and dissertation can be found on the University of Alberta Dissertation Awards page.