Western Canadian Deans’ Agreement

Athabasca University is a participating member of the Western Canadian Deans of Graduate Studies (WCDGS) Agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to promote the effective pursuit of graduate studies at western Canadian universities. Under the agreement, graduate students are able to take courses required for their degree program at another western Canadian university that are not available at their home institution. Students are able to receive credit towards their degree at their home university.

AU students who are interested in taking courses at another western Canadian university should always contact their supervisor or academic unit graduate program designate first, and discuss how this course may fit with their program of study. It is important to check with the host institution regarding any regulations it may have regarding courses that may be excluded from the agreement, and enquire about any additional costs assessed by the host institution. Rules and regulations regarding availability of courses and costs vary at each university.

Students from another western Canadian university who wish to take an AU course should consult with their supervisor or department head for more information.

The Western Canadian Deans’ Agreement is available on the Western Canadian Deans of Graduate Studies website.

WDA Authorization and Course Registration form is available in two formats: