3. Program of Study

As soon as feasible after a student has been accepted to a doctoral program, the student shall identify a supervisor and outline a program of study, which includes the projected time for completion of the degree, course work, any supplementary work required, and the research area of the dissertation. There are several program time plans that are available on the FGS website that can be used by students to identify dates for the completion of various milestones in the program.

In some programs, an interim supervisor may be assigned when the student is accepted. In this case, the interim supervisor will provide advisement to the student until the supervisor is selected and approved. When the supervisor is identified, the Supervisor Approval - Doctoral Program form should be submitted to the graduate program director and then to the FGS.

At the appropriate time in the program, determined by the supervisor and student, a supervisory committee will be struck. (See the section of the regulations entitled “Selection, Composition, and Approval of Supervisor & Supervisory Committee (Section 3.3) for details on the nature of the committee.) The “Doctoral Supervisory Committee Approval” form should be completed and submitted to the graduate program director and the FGS for approval. See the Graduate Handbook on the FGS website for further details.

If there is a change to the student’s supervisor or supervisory committee members, the following process will be followed:

  1. The supervisor will send an email to fgs@athabascau.ca, with a cc to the applicable program director, indicating the committee structure change and rationale for the change,
  2. FGS will notify the supervisor via email when the change is approved,
  3. Once approved, a revised online approval form must be initiated by the

Figure 1 provides an Overview of Doctoral Program.