8. Preparation for the Oral Examination

8.1 Responsibilities of the FGS

It is the responsibility of the FGS to ensure that:

  • Proper arrangements are made for the candidate’s oral examination based on the External Examiner and Notice for Dissertation Oral Examination
  • The results of the review of the dissertation by the external examiner are communicated to the supervisor immediately after all the commentaries have been received by the FGS,
  • All committee members are aware that they must attend the examination,
  • The oral examination is scheduled and held in accordance with FGS regulations,
  • The neutral chair for the oral examination is appointed by the FGS,
  • The external examiner is contacted and provided with appropriate instructions on their role at the oral examination, and,
  • The candidate is notified of, but is not required to make, any of these arrangements.

8.2 Appointment of the Neutral Chair for the Oral Examination

The doctoral dissertation oral examination shall be chaired by a faculty member who is considered neutral to the examination committee and the student, and who is not from the candidate’s program. The FGS will appoint the chair and provide them with the appropriate instructions for the conduct of the oral examination, the procedure for the deliberations, and the necessary forms that require completion and return to FGS. See “Guidelines and Procedures for Oral Examinations for Masters’ Thesis Route and Doctoral Programs”, section 4.0 for the procedures for chairing the oral examination and the instructions to be given to the student and committee.