Use of Editors

Editorial Assistance

Obtaining editorial assistance as a student is permissible for assignments, and major requirements such as a project, thesis or dissertation. However, the purpose of the editing and the nature of the editing is limited and must follow ethical standards.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies recommends two options for graduate students:

The AU Write Site

The Write Site provides coaching support. Writing coaches provide feedback on general writing concerns, such as grammar, mechanics, organization, and development. They will give feedback on up to 5 pages or give up to 25 comments on a single assignment. The student can use this service to submit up to 10 assignments in a 12-month period without a referral from a tutor or instructor. This is a free service to AU registered students. There are many other resources to help students with their writing, including webinars on standard formatting of assignments.

The Editors’ Association of Canada

The Editors’ Association of Canada provides editing services for students, government, not-for-profit, and academic individuals and organizations. The editors are independent practitioners who provide various kinds of editing services.

The Association has developed guidelines to assist thesis/dissertation supervisors and their students in determining whether professional editing should be obtained and the type of the editing that is needed. A sample contract that clarifies the specific editing role and expectations of all parties can be found on their website. The website specifies editing for doctoral theses, however, each editor is an independent practitioner and when approached will determine the type of documents they will edit. The costs related to the editing are the responsibility of the student.