Admission by Exception Requests

Definition of Admission by Exception

Individuals who apply for admission to an AU graduate degree program who do not meet the normal educational requirements of the program, but whom the program admissions committee and graduate program director recommend admission based on other characteristics that the academic unit and the discipline see as desirable and demonstrate the applicant's potential to successfully complete the specific graduate program.

Details pertaining to an Admission by Exception Request

An applicant must review the admission requirements of the specific program to which they are applying. Each program requires specific documents that formulate an admission package that must be submitted to the appropriate academic unit.


1. The student should check with the specific program to determine how to apply to the program requesting admission by exception.

The required documents may include:

  1. Student name and program applied for;
  2. Official transcript(s) from the previous educational institution(s);
  3. Work experience (years and type of position);
  4. Professional credentials;
  5. Comments from the applicant's references (do they consider the applicant capable of graduate work; initiative; critical thinking; communication ability);
  6. AU courses taken in the past and their grades;
  7. English language proficiency scores or courses.

2. The Admissions committee of the specific program reviews the admissions material and provides a recommendation to the graduate program director of that academic unit. Upon review of the documentation, the graduate program director informs FGS of their decision at the time applications were considered. The graduate program director will inform the Registrar and the applicant.