Master's Study Forms

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Timelines for Forms for Master’s Thesis Route Program (PDF - 134KB)

Initiated By Master's Study Form
1 - Student Annual Progress Report - Masters Student (online - requires student ID)
2 - Student Master's Thesis Supervisor Approval (online - requires student ID)
3 - Supervisor Master's Thesis Supervisory Committee Approval (online)
4 - Supervisor Master's Thesis Proposal Oral Examination Report (online)
5 - Supervisor Preliminary Acceptance of Thesis Prior to Final Examination (online)
6 - Supervisor External Examiner and Notice for Final Thesis Oral Exam (online)
7 - Student Announcement of Final Thesis Oral Examination (online - requires student ID)
8 - Student Thesis Copyright Declaration (online - requires student ID)
9 - Supervisor Master's Thesis and Oral Examination Final Report (online)
10 - Student Library & Archives Canada (LAC) Form (PDF - 393KB)
A1 - Supervisor Change to Master's Supervisor or Supervisory Committee
A3 - Student Sample Letter for Copyright Permission (PDF - 31KB)