Procedures Preceding the Oral Examinations


The supervisor will submit the Notice of Oral Examination form (links under 1.3.3) to the FGS at least four weeks before the examination and will include the following:


The date of the oral examination. The supervisor is responsible for scheduling the oral examination confirming availability with the student, all committee members and FGS;


The proposed proctor, if applicable, including name, occupation, current place of employment, and short CV, or alternative method of ensuring examination security and procedural standards;


The preferred technology and alternate/backup technology for both the presentation/question period and for the closed adjudication process to ensure privacy;


Back-up phone numbers of each of the committee members so they can be contacted and reconnected to the examination in case the technology fails during the examination;


The total number of observers allowed (inclusive of committee, student, neutral chair, and proctor);


The location of the oral examination;


The name of the student, degree being sought and academic unit of student;


The title of the thesis/dissertation;


Between 3 to 4 weeks before the examination, the FGS will have approved and informed the proctor in writing of the appointment and provide pertinent guidelines and regulations (see section 3.0). The proctor should verify in writing that he/she accepts the responsibility incumbent upon that position.


At least two weeks in advance of the oral examination, the FGS will:


Confirm the date, the technology set up, and proctor with the supervisor;


Post the information about the final oral examination under Announcements on the FGS website. This includes (name of student, date of examination and thesis title; in the case of the doctoral examination, the abstract of the dissertation will also be posted). The announcement will indicate that if anyone is interested in attending the oral examination they are to request permission from the FGS.


Provide the supervisor, chair and student with any documents necessary for the oral examination, such as:

For Master’s Examinations

For Doctoral Examinations

The supervisor is responsible for disseminating necessary information to the examination committee members.


At least 72 hours prior to the oral examination, the FGS will provide the supervisor and neutral chair with the list of approved observers.