Duties of the Proctor


Unless a member of the examination committee is present with the student for the entire process, a mechanism must be in place to ensure both the identity of the student, effective application of the examination procedures, and the integrity of the examination and its program requirements. In the case where a proctor will be used, the following applies:


The proctor must be preapproved by FGS as part of the External Examiner and Notice for Final Thesis Oral Exam (Master’s), Notice of Candidacy Oral Examination (Doctoral) or Notice of Dissertation Oral Examination(Doctoral)


The proctor is not involved in the distribution of documents related to the student’s presentation or thesis/dissertation;


The proctor must meet the criteria for invigilators outlined in the AU calendar at: http://www.athabascau.ca/calendar/page07_04.html


Proctors will not be paid by the university. If the proctor requires payment, the cost is borne by the student.


Where a proctor or committee member is invigilating the oral examination at the student’s location, the proctor or committee member is responsible to:


Verify the identity of the student through appropriate photo identification;


Verify that the student cannot access the deliberations of the examination committee during the closed adjudication process;


Ensure that all observers at the distance site with the student leave immediately following the open presentation and question period;


Stay with the student until the examination committee has communicated its decision to the student;


Within 5 days, submit the Report of the Proctor confirming compliance with FGS regulations and noting any unusual circumstances. The form should address procedural rather than substantive issues and note any problems, especially technical, that might have occurred during the examination. It should indicate the time the examination started, the time it ended, and the names of the people present in the room at the distant site during the examination;


In the event of a failed examination, an examination resulting in a lack of unanimity, or an examination in which there were procedural irregularities, a report must be submitted within 24 hours to the FGS.