Master's Thesis Route & FGS Regulations

The graduate learning environment is distinctly different from that at the undergraduate level. It has been characterized as advanced, focused, and scholarly in nature:

  • it is advanced because it builds upon an undergraduate education;
  • it is focused because of the emphasis on depth of knowledge;
  • it is scholarly because it is concerned not simply with the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but with the critical analysis of existing knowledge. Graduate students are expected to acquire and apply advanced analytical and interpretive skills, as well understanding and/or producing research [CAGS (2005), Your Future: A guide for potential graduate students, p.3].

There are a number of different types of master’s degrees requiring a thesis, a project, or course work. The master’s degree is intended to expand knowledge, enhance professional skills, and acquire the ability to conduct scholarly work.

Master’s Study Regulations for Thesis Route Students: