It is a violation of the Copyright Act to include personal information, such as signatures in publicly accessible documents. This includes documents that normally contain signatures, such as approvals obtained from an Ethics committee. In such cases where the form includes signatures and is required to be included in the thesis/ dissertation/ project, the signatures must be 'blanked out' with the original retained by the student.

In the case of a thesis/ dissertation the examination committee normally signs a form confirming their approval that the student has fulfilled the requirements of their degree (“Approval of Master's Thesis” or “Final Approval of Dissertation”). To prevent violation of the Copyright Act, the FGS will provide the student with the “Approval of Master's Thesis” page or in the case of the doctoral student, the “Final Approval of Dissertation” page. This page contains a typewritten list of the names of the examination committee members, and signifies to the readers of the thesis/dissertation that it had received final formal approval. The FGS will provide the student with this page after the thesis/dissertation has received final approval. The student will insert this page into their document immediately after the title page.