The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MA-IS)

  • Is a graduate program that integrates interdisciplinary scholarship with self, community, and workplace through a process of transformative learning. Aligned with Athabasca University’s mission as an open institution, the MA-IS program is learner-centred and flexible in its accommodation of diverse students, allowing them to determine their own path of learning according to personal interest and curiosity based inquiry. The MA-IS program facilitates a creative process of emergent learning that emphasizes meaning-making in the 21st century and that aims for the development of socially engaged public intellectuals.

Important message to AU graduate students regarding COVID-19

Dear Athabasca University Graduate Students,

As Canadians collectively respond to the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the well-being and success of graduate students is top of mind for Athabasca University and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Your work and home life has been impacted during this difficult time, and we realize that your project, thesis and dissertation studies may be significantly disrupted. Please know that we will do everything we can to assist you.

Most importantly, if you are a thesis or dissertation student, I encourage you to touch base with your research supervisor as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. This is your key point of contact.

If you do not have a thesis or dissertation supervisor, if you require a course or program extension or are experiencing a disruption to your research and/or course work, please contact your individual graduate program

All scheduled thesis and dissertation oral exams can proceed, unless you face a significant disruption or hear otherwise from your supervisor.

FGS is working with all AU graduate programs to create opportunities for increased connections, such as through the delivery of webinars on a variety of topics and conversation channels, to further support the graduate community.

AU’s library will remain open for you, so you have access to the librarians and all physical and electronic library materials.

Finally, if you are feeling overwhelmed or need additional support, help is available. As an AU learner, you have access to wellness support through Homewood Health 24 hours a day. Please reach out when you need to.

The worldwide response to COVID-19 is creating complex and rapidly evolving landscape. AU, as an online education leader, is well positioned to be flexible and adaptable to emerging realities. As circumstances change, we will do all we can to support you in your academic studies.

Stay well,

Dr. Shawn N. Fraser, Dean, FGS

Faculty of Graduate Studies

The primary purpose of the Faculty of Graduate Studies is to define and support excellence in graduate education and the research and scholarly activities associated with it.

To meet this purpose, the Faculty of Graduate Studies works with the academic units to create policies that define good practice in all graduate programs, achieve high quality curriculum, and promote intellectual communication between graduate students and faculty.

This website provides: guidelines and policies that maintain equitable standards across all academic disciplines; resources for faculty members on the nature of graduate education and supervision; and information on opportunities for students to participate in professional and educational development activities outside of their program of study.

Welcome Message from the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies! As a graduate student you are a part of our Athabasca University community, both within the faculty of your program of study and within our faculty. We are here to enable a community of successful graduate students, and we provide access to information and resources throughout the completion of your degree.

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