Past FGS Presentations/Workshops


Date of Presentation Presenter/Facilitator Title of Presentation
29-Nov-12 Dr. Paul Wishart
Grounded Theory consultant and Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Calgary
"Grounded Theory: What's it good for?"
PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation Excerpt (PDF - 11KB)
06-Nov-12 Linda Bondoc-McCloud,
Write Site Co-ordinator
"Using APA: What Graduate Students Need to Know"
Vive Kumar,
Associate Professor, SCIS

Shawn Fraser,
Assistant Professor, CNHS
"Statistical Data Analysis Workshop (SPSS, R, AMOS, Tetrad and WEKA)"
25-Oct-12 Debbie (Deb) Fraser,
Associate Professor, CNHS
"Writing for Publication"
PowerPoint Presentation (2.6MB)
16-Oct-12 Emily Weiskopf-Ball,
Graduate MAIS alumni (Spring 2012)
"Eating Up Tradition: An Autoethnographic Study of Evolving Traditional Foods"
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(PDF - 9.35KB)
20-Sep-12 Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes,
Chair, Professor, CDE
"Writing a Research Proposal"

PowerPoint Presentation (4.5MB)

Performing Research Article Critiques
(PDF - 96KB)
06-Sep-12 Dr. Gina Wisker,
University of Brighton, UK
"Supporting and Nuturing Graduate Student Learning"
PowerPoint Presentation (coming soon)
04-Sep-12 Dr. Gina Wisker,
University of Brighton, UK
"Successfully Managing the Learning Journey"

PowerPoint Presentation (coming soon)
12-Jun-12 Dr. Beth Perry,
Professor, CNHS
"Creating an Effective Poster Presentation"
01-May-12 Dr. Laurel Strain,
University of Alberta
"Building Your Research Program"
PowerPoint Presentation (coming soon)
16-Apr-12 Linda Bondoc-McCloud,
Write Site Co-ordinator
"Writing an Abstract for a conference"
PowerPoint Presentation (coming soon)