Past FGS Presentations/Workshops

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Date of Presentation Presenter/Facilitator Title of Presentation
7-Nov-2013 Linda McCloud-Bondoc APA
PowerPoint Presentation (pending)
5-Nov-2013 Marti Cleveland-Innes Writing a Proposal for a Thesis or Dissertation
PowerPoint Presentation (pending)
25-Oct-2013 Shawn Fraser & Vive Kumar Statistical Analysis - Introduction to SPSS, AMOS and R
PowerPoint Presentation (PDF - 109 MB)
23-Oct-2013 Derek Briton, Linda McCloud-Bondoc, Elaine Fabbro, Corinne Bosse Critical Thinking strategies for graduate assignments
PowerPoint Presentation (5.66 MB)
15-Oct-2013 Deb Fraser
Associate Professor, FHD
Writing for Publication
PowerPoint Presentation (3.46 MB)
10-Oct-2013 Alain May
Associate Profession, FB

Kam Jugdev

Profession, FB

Chad Saunders
Assistant Professor, Haskayne School of Business
Writing a SSHRC Grant
PowerPoint Presentation
(PDF - 144 KB)
26-June-13 Linda McCloud-Bondoc
Write Site Coordinator
"Presenting your research at a conference: Making your research the star."
PowerPoint Presentation
(1.8 MB)
18-June-13 Beth Perry
Professor, FHD
"Creating an Effective Poster for Conferences"
PowerPoint Presentation (22.7 MB)
22-Apr-13 Dr. Evelyn Ellerman
Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Debra Hoven

Associate Professor, CDE

Bob Heller

Associate Professor, Psychology
"Creating an Effective e-Portfolio Webinar Session"
A joint AUGSA - FGS Presentation
10-Apr-13 Linda Bondoc-McCloud
Write Site Coordinator
"Writing an Abstract for a Conference"
09-Mar-13 Vive Kumar
Associate Professor, SCIS;

Shawn Fraser
Program Director /Assistant Professor CNHS;

Guenther Krueger
NVivo Training and Consulting for QSR International
"SPSS; R; Amos; NVivo Workshop"
07-Mar-13 Derek Briton
Chair/Associate Director, MAIS;

Linda McCloud-Bondoc
Write Site Coordinator;

Elaine Fabbro

Head, Information Literacy and Public Services;

Corinne Bosse

Learning Designer, CLDD
"Critical Thinking Strategies for Graduate Assignments"
06-Mar-13 Dr. Paul Wishart
Grounded Theory Consultant and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary
"Grounded Theory Workshop"