Past FGS Presentations/Workshops

Archived presentations may include a link to the recorded Adobe Connect session, PowerPoint presentation or other presentation documents, but will not necessarily include all.

Note: As Athabasca University updates to a newer version of Adobe Connect, the links to some of the archived recordings will temporarily be unavailable. The links will be added back to the website once they are available.

You can access previous presentations by selecting the corresponding year:


Date of Presentation Presenter/Facilitator Title of Presentation
Wed., Jan. 15/20 Dr. Cheryl Kier Ignorance is no excuse: Don’t be an accidental plagiarist
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Thurs., Feb. 6/20 Dustin Purnell Creating a Successful 3MT
View Adobe Connect Recording
Thurs., Feb. 20/20 David Albert Newman Graduate Student Research Series
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Thurs., Sept. 10/20 Dr. Josie Auger Indigenous Research Methodologies Presentation
Tues., Sept. 22/20 Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes Writing a Research Proposal