Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision is to

  • advance our role as a leader in accessible graduate education world-wide
  • promote excellence in graduate education
  • support diversity, equity, fairness, and ethical conduct in graduate education
  • create a graduate education that combines scholarship, research, and creative work
  • foster a stimulating and challenging environment for faculty and students that promotes innovation.

Our Mission and Goals are to

  • ensure consistency and quality across all graduate programs
  • enhance the University’s ability to attract and retain outstanding students, nationally and internationally
  • improve and expand graduate programs
  • stimulate superior learning and research experiences
  • promote timely student success.

We will fulfill the above mission by:

  • providing expertise, advice and information to faculty and students in an open and supportive environment
  • overseeing the design and delivery of programs
  • participating in program reviews
  • supporting diversity, equity, integrity, and ethical conduct in graduate education
  • promoting flexibility and accessibility of graduate education
  • promoting uniform standards in degree requirements and graduate student supervision
  • providing educational and research opportunities that support the student in their program of study as well as assists with their professional development.